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Our history dates back to 1926, when SIR started as a regional provider of credit information helping financial institutions evaluate loan applicants. Today, SIR is a leading provider of information solutions delivering a mix of comprehensive products that add value to your entire process. In addition, our outstanding customer service and industry expertise make SIR an ideal business partner.

Strategic Information Resources

The Secret to Our Success…

SIR People

People. We attract and retain employees who share our values in work ethic, teamwork, & commitment to customer service.   Many employees have direct industry experience, and we invest in their ongoing training about the industries we serve and consumer protection laws. The result is a knowledgeable team, who understands your needs, and is committed to your success.

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Service. We continue to earn loyal, repeat business by creating win-win solutions for our customers.  Our value proposition is a broad array of services at a competitive price, combined with committed & knowledgeable support.

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Total Solutions. Most companies operate today with limited time and resources.  SIR is a single-source provider, and our expanded service offerings help save time and improve efficiency. SIR is a partnership you can leverage to achieve business success.

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Data Security

The protection of sensitive consumer information is a critical component of our success here at SIR, and that’s why we have developed industry-leading procedures and standards to ensure data security.  To demonstrate our commitment to these standards, we undergo a rigorous third-party examination of our own compliance.  We proudly display the AICPA SOC2 seal demonstrating our successful completion of this annual review process.


SIR’s audited data protection standards can be broken down into four core groups.


The systems are protected against unauthorized access, use, or modification. This includes logical and physical access control measures which prevent or detect the breakdown and circumvention of segregation of duties, system failure, incorrect processing, theft or other unauthorized removal of data or system resources, misuse of software, and improper access to, or use of, alteration, destruction, or disclosure of information.


The systems are readily available for operation and use.  This includes controls to ensure client access to our systems, products, or services as committed by contract, service-level agreement, or other agreements.  Monitoring and maintenance controls for the systems are also covered.

Processing Integrity:

System processing is complete, accurate, timely, and authorized. These controls validate that the systems achieve their aim or the purpose for which it exists, and whether it performs its intended function in an unimpaired manner, free from unauthorized or inadvertent manipulation.


Information designated as confidential is protected as committed or agreed. These controls and procedures confirm SIR’s ability to protect information designated as confidential in accordance with the organization’s commitments and requirements through its final disposition and removal from the systems.


Some elements of SIR’s products and services rely on external contractors or service providers.  These include SaaS technology platforms, field researchers, and specialty service providers. To ensure that our data security standards seamlessly flow down to these entities, SIR follows strict vetting procedures based on the potential risk associated with the service provided.  Vendors attest to data security standards by way of contract, and periodic random audits are performed.


In addition to our own controls, SIR has established complementary minimum requirements that our client users should implement in order to ensure that consumer information we supply is safeguarded within their business as well.

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The protection of sensitive consumer information is paramount at SIR. The links below provide a secure method for you to conveniently upload sensitive information to key departments at SIR.

Please choose from the appropriate links. If you need additional support, please call (800) 332-9479.






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§  Massachusetts Headquarters

59 Bobala Rd.

Holyoke MA  01040-9658

(800) 332-9479


§  Maine  Diversified Appraisal Services Division

647 US Route 1

Unit 301

York, ME 03909


§  New Hampshire  Diversified Appraisal Services Division

77 Main Street

Raymond, NH 03077


SIR People

Leadership Team

§  Lee Howlett  Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Howlett is responsible for all administrative, accounting, HR and internal operations inclusive of strategic planning and growth initiatives.

Prior to joining SIR, Mr. Howlett served as Executive Vice President National Accounts & Strategic Solutions for RedVision, a national title data company, where he was responsible for all sales activity on a national and regional basis. Before his tenure at Redvision, Mr. Howlett was President and COO of Fiserv Lending Solutions, a division of Fiserv inc. He assumed this role in 2001, after the company acquired Integrated Loan Services (ILS), a firm Mr. Howlett helped launch. During his time as President of ILS, he helped deliver innovative valuation, title, closing and underwriting services to prominent financial institutions across the country.

Mr. Howlett brings with him a deep understanding of the regional appraisal industry, as a former Massachusetts Certified General Appraiser and manager of several captive appraisal services subsidiaries throughout New England.

Mr. Howlett holds a degree in City and Regional Planning from the University of Massachusetts and is certified in the Fair Credit Reporting Act by the National Consumer Reporting Association and Consumer Data Industry Association.

§  Maureen Devine  President

As President, Ms. Devine is responsible for Client Support, Sales, Marketing, R&D/Product Development, Product Support and Compliance.

Prior to her current position at SIR, Ms. Devine served as Vice President, Senior Vice President and Executive Vice President. As a founding owner of Strategic Information Resources, Ms. Devine is an accomplished Credit Executive with over 40 years of experience in all aspects of Consumer Reporting, Consumer Credit, Mortgage Reporting, Commercial Credit and Appraisal Management. Her leadership on various consumer-focused initiatives has earned SIR national recognition from The National Consumer Reporting Association

Ms. Devine is deeply committed to the industries SIR serves through her tireless involvement in national and regional trade organizations such as several of the New England Chapters of the Mortgage Bankers Association, The Consumer Data Industries Association, the National Consumer Reporting Association and is an active member of the New England Mortgage Banker’s planning committee. With her leadership, SIR has proudly served as Presenting Sponsor for the regional New England Women in Banking Conference held annually.

Ms. Devine is SAFC II Advanced FCRA Certified by the National Consumer Reporting Association in both the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions ACT (FACTA).

§  Bill Shea  Managing Partner

As Managing Partner, Mr. Shea is responsible for providing support and guidance to the executive team, while also participating in strategic sales initiatives.

Prior to his role as Managing Partner, Mr. Shea served as President and CEO of SIR, where he was responsible for the strategic planning and management of all corporate functions. He began his tenure at SIR as Vice President of Sales, where he provided the necessary leadership to continually grow the business and maintain essential relationships within the marketplace.

Throughout his 37-year career at SIR, Mr. Shea has played a pivotal role in the growth and expansion of SIR’s product offerings, all while maintaining high levels of customer service.

Mr. Shea holds both a Bachelor of Science degree and a Masters of Business Administration degree from Babson College.

§  John McTighe  President, Background Decision

As President of the Background Screening division, Mr. McTighe has helped hundreds of companies design, implement, manage and control their global screening programs. Some of his responsibilities include crafting go to market strategies, marketing and using technology to improve efficiency.

Upon joining the SIR sales team in 2005, Mr. McTighe was tasked with developing and expanding the background screening product line, while implementing several corporate initiatives within the organization. He embraced roles of increasing responsibility within SIR, eventually expanding his oversight to include Human Resources and Marketing as Executive Vice President. Prior to his career at SIR, Mr. McTighe was responsible for major account sales operations at Connecticut Business Systems, a division of Xerox.

Throughout his leadership at SIR, Mr. McTighe successfully transformed a part-time personnel function into a streamlined and more compliant full-time HR function, designed and implemented a series of KPI metrics across all business lines, and redesigned the corporation’s three websites.

Mr. McTighe is certified in the Fair Credit Reporting Act by both the National Association of Professional Background Screeners and National Consumer Reporting Association. He is a frequent speaker about background checks and screening best practices at human resources and multi-family housing events around the country.

Jacquelyn Drziak

§  Jackie Drziak  Executive Vice President, Business Development & Corporate Compliance

As Executive Vice President, Ms. Drziak is responsible for financial services business development, vendor relations and corporate compliance. She currently oversees corporate compliance for all business divisions and engages in developing new business opportunities.

In addition to this role, Ms. Drziak also serves as Executive Vice President of All in Compliance, a division of SIR. In this capacity, she is responsible for all business activities including sales and operations.

Prior to her career at SIR, Ms. Drziak spent over 15 years in Residential Lending. During this tenure, she wrote mortgage loans for a number of regional and national financial institutions as a loan officer.

With almost three decades of combined consumer reporting and residential lending experience, Ms. Drziak is deeply committed to her involvement in the lending community. She is a member of various committees within the National Consumer Reporting Association (NCRA), and was presented with the NCRA President’s award in 2015.

Ms. Drziak holds a Bachelor of Science from Quinnipiac University in Marketing/Public Relations.

Melissa Fitzpatrick

§  Melissa Fitzpatrick  Vice President, Real Estate Lending Solutions

As Vice President of Real Estate Lending Solutions, Ms. Fitzpatrick is responsible for managing real estate lending services within SIR. She works closely with the President and CEO to ensure quality solutions and training to internal and external staff. In addition to these duties, Ms. Fitzpatrick is responsible for client setups and trainings for both bundled services and appraisal platforms.

Ms. Fitzpatrick began her career at SIR in 1998 as a client service representative, where she specialized in providing a high level of service to customers. She subsequently accepted several roles of increasing responsibility within the organization, including Manager and Director of Real Estate Lending Solutions. During this time, she played a significant role in launching and perfecting SIR’s appraisal management operations.

Catherine Newman

§  Catherine Newman  Vice President, Finance

As Vice President of Finance, Ms. Newman oversees all financial operations within SIR. She is responsible for guiding financial decisions by establishing, monitoring, and enforcing financial policies and procedures. Some of her key responsibilities include collecting, interpreting, and reporting financial data to identify financial conditions within SIR.

Ms. Newman began her tenure at SIR in 2014 as Comptroller. Prior to SIR, she held various staff accountant positions at MICROS Retail, AppNeta Software and David Latesta Furniture.

Ms. Newman holds bachelor’s degrees in both Accounting and Finance from the University of Maryland College Park.

Strategic Information Resources Careers


Strategic Information Resources believes that our employees are what sets us apart from our competitors.   We have a reputation for finding and nurturing talented employees who can deliver high-quality information solutions and expert advice that help our customers achieve sustained growth, increased compliance, and continued cost efficiencies.

SIR’s corporate motto is “Built on a Tradition of Outstanding Service”, and we live this every day. If you’re a hard-working professional who enjoys a fast-pace work environment and shares our belief that responsive service with proactive solutions are the keys to business success, this might just be the career for you.

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Our business is to provide the most comprehensive information possible to our customers so that you in turn can make the most informed decisions in your organization.  Having the resources of valuable partners helps SIR deliver the most current, innovative, and compliant information in the marketplace.  We value our partners and their shared commitment in providing comprehensive information coupled with best in class support.  Leading the way in each of their industries, these SIR partners work hard every day to deliver valuable resources to our marketplace.

SharperLending LLC is the leading technology provider for the mortgage industry. Since 1989, SharperLending has offered four technology platforms that increase efficiency, mitigate risk, and offer affordability. Their well-known systems are Appraisal Firewall, EPN Bundled services platform, TVP income verification systems, and XpertOnline credit reporting technology.

CreditXpert Inc. is a software innovator committed to transforming lending through empowerment and creating new opportunities. They are known for pioneering credit content for the disclosure of credit scores, providing the first personalized credit scores and analyses for financial institutions to offer consumers. CreditXpert’s team includes analysts, scientists, and software engineers who understand credit data from all three credit bureaus as well as predictive modeling and expert systems. Their proprietary technology is based on advanced statistical techniques and sophisticated analytical methods, and provides a powerful new way for you to attract, engage, and retain customers by creating a more interactive lending experience.

PitchPoint provides a comprehensive suite of fraud risk detection services and service provider vetting for mortgage lenders.  Their services enable lenders to reduce the risk of mortgage fraud, ensure compliance with new fraud detection regulations, and lower operating costs and underwriting bottlenecks.

Buckley Technology Group, LLC (BTG) is dedicated to providing its state-of-the-art ISSAC compliance software and related professional services to organizations to protect information assets, secure technology systems, and effectively manage compliance. BTG’s solutions address critical areas such as Vendor Management, Risk and Audit, Information Security, Business Continuity, Gramm Leach Bliley, and Disaster Recovery.

The Equity Protection Program is a fully insured loan portfolio program designed to increase loan volume by expanding Loan to Value thresholds and Underwriting Guidelines while protecting you against costly defaults. DGU Insurance Associates, LLC will work with you to design a program to suit your needs. Utilizing a delegated authority to underwrite loans using customized guidelines, you simply report the loan balances and basic loan data each month along with your premium. In the event that a covered loan defaults and becomes uncollectable for any reason, it may be filed as a claim within approximately 90 days of delinquency. No foreclosure is required when filing a claim, and after the claim is processed, you will be reimbursed for 100% of the remaining loan balance. The policy provides for the payment of all losses for insured eligible loans up to an amount equal to 10% of the aggregate net proceeds of all eligible loans during each 12-month period.

LERETA’s most fundamental objective has been to “make a positive difference” in the businesses of our customers and strategic partners, in the lives of our employees, and in the industry as a whole. The quality of our national real estate tax service and flood hazard determination products helps generate significant cost reductions for lenders and servicers, increases the efficiency of their operations and improves their relationship with borrowers, investors and regulators.

Platinum Data Solutions provides valuation data and analytics technologies that help mortgage lenders, servicers, investors, AMCs and their vendors value collateral, identify potential collateral weaknesses and manage collateral risk. The company’s online platform and analytical tools protect the country’s top 10 mortgage lenders and help hundreds of companies to perform due diligence and prevent collateral-based loss. Each year, Platinum Data protects billions of dollars in assets across the U.S. against collateral-based non-compliance, buybacks and other risks. The company’s RealView system pioneered computer-assisted appraisal underwriting. Its valuation analytics channel provides the industry’s only turnkey services that assure the responsible use of AVMs. Platinum Data Solutions is based in Aliso Viejo, California and was founded in 2002.

Lenders rely on ServiceLink National Flood, a trusted and experienced industry leader, for accurate and reliable flood zone determination information. Using the most current FEMA data, advanced technology and comprehensive, nationwide GIS coverage, ServiceLink National Flood delivers highly accurate flood determination reports – with one of the fastest turn-times in the industry – to help lenders maintain compliance with ever-changing federal regulations and guidelines.  ServiceLink National Flood offers lenders a full suite of flood compliance solutions, including life-of-loan flood certifications, portfolio review, HMDA reporting information, CertMap and more.  CertMap is designed for loan officers and borrowers and is provided when a structure is determined to be “in” a flood zone to show a subject property’s proximity to FEMA flood zones.

As the largest independent national provider of title and real property research, RedVision® applies straight through processing (STP) and single-source solutions to transform the procurement and processing of title information. In 2015 the company introduced its proprietary NOVA® technology and cascade of best-practice standardized Redi® products – SearchRedi®, ExamRedi®, CurativeRedi® and ClearingRedi® – to empower customers with transaction cost savings, SLA attainment, compliance and risk management. Since 2006, RedVision has delivered more than 7.5 million title reports to 1,600+ client organizations, including financial institutions, title underwriters, settlement service providers, national agents, local agents, lenders, attorneys and foreclosure/default processing firms. RedVision has been named an American Land Title Association (ALTA) Elite Provider and one of the fastest-growing companies by Inc.

Information is a powerful thing. At TransUnion, we realize that. We are dedicated to finding innovative ways information can be used to help individuals make better and smarter decisions. We help uncover unique stories, trends and insights behind each data point, using historical information as well as alternative data sources. This allows a variety of markets and businesses to better manage risk and consumers to better manage their credit, personal information and identity. Today, TransUnion has a global presence in more than 30 countries and a leading presence in several international markets across North America, Africa, Latin America and Asia. Through the power of information, TransUnion is working to build thriving economies and stronger communities worldwide.

Experian is the leading global information services company, providing data and analytical tools to companies around the world. We help businesses to manage credit risk, prevent fraud, target marketing offers and automate decision making. Experian also works to help people to check their own credit report and credit score, and protect against identity theft.

Equifax is a global leader in consumer, commercial and workforce information solutions that provide businesses of all sizes and consumers with insight and information they can trust. Equifax organizes and assimilates data on more than 600 million consumers and 81 million businesses worldwide.  The company’s significant investments in differentiated data, its expertise in advanced analytics to explore and develop new multi-source data solutions, and its leading-edge proprietary technology enable it to create and deliver unparalleled customized insights that enrich both the performance of businesses and the lives of consumers.

Innovative Risk Solutions Inc. was formed to bring together the most experienced, forward thinking professionals in the very specialized lender placed insurance industry.  We deliver CPI solutions for lending institutions and portfolio owners which can protect your portfolio with minimal administration.  Our innovative risk management programs combine proprietary internet-based software applications and creative insurance programs with great rates that minimize your risk. You can then focus on what you do best! 

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National Consumer Reporting Association (NCRA). NCRA is a national trade organization of consumer reporting agencies and associated professionals that provide products and services to hundreds of thousands of credit grantors, employers, landlords and all types of general businesses.


  • “Board Member”

Consumer Data Industry Association (CDIA). CDIA is an international trade association that strives to educate consumers, media, legislators and regulators about the benefits of the responsible use of consumer data.  CDIA members provide businesses with the information and analytical tools necessary to manage risk and help ensure fair and safe transactions for consumers and facilitate competition to create opportunities for customers and the economy.

National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). The National Association of Professional Background Screeners is the leading national resource for issues related to the background screening profession. NAPBS promotes and advocates for ethical business practices and fosters awareness of privacy rights and consumer protection issues. NAPBS is the foremost leader in the movement toward establishing generally accepted and reliable standards for background screening professionals and organizations.

Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM). The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the world’s largest HR membership organization devoted to human resource management.  With more than 275,000 members, the Society is the leading provider of resources to serve the needs of HR professionals and advance the professional practice of human resource management.

  • “SHRM Preferred Provider”

Employers Association of the NorthEast (EANE). EANE is dedicated to helping its members gain a competitive advantage and develop employees to sustain productivity and growth.

The association is known for providing a comprehensive training agenda integrating proven training methods with adult learning psychology to develop, engage and retain employees. Companies leverage our robust team of HR professionals for customized solutions to their greatest HR challenges.

HR Certification Institute (HRCI). The HR Certification Institute is the premier credentialing organization for the human resources profession. For over 40 years, HRCI has set the standard for HR mastery and excellence around the globe. They are an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the HR profession by developing and administering best-in-class accredited certifications.

  • “HRCI Approved Provider”

Concerned CRA’s. ConcernedCRAs is a group of like-minded consumer reporting agencies (CRAs) that believe certain data practices employed by a few CRA firms place our profession and consumers at risk.   This group is dedicated to raising awareness about the risks of offshoring consumer data processing, and the dangers of irresponsible criminal database reporting.   SIR is proud to be one of the first members of this group.

Massachusetts Mortgage Bankers Association. The MMBA is the largest mortgage association in New England, and is recognized as one of the most successful in the country.  The association works to encourage sound ethical business practices in the real estate mortgage industry.

Connecticut Mortgage Bankers Association. The mission of CMBA is to promote the welfare of the mortgage lending industry and related service providers in the state of Connecticut, and to improve its service to the community.   The association works to encourage sound ethical business practices in the real estate mortgage industry.


  • “Board Member”

Vermont Mortgage Bankers Association (VMBA). The mission of VMBA is to promote the welfare of the mortgage lending industry in the state of Vermont, and to improve its service to the community.   The association works to encourage sound ethical business practices in the originating, marketing, and servicing of mortgage investments.


  • “Board Member”

Connecticut Bankers Association (CBA). The mission of the Connecticut Bankers Association is to represent the financial institutions in the State of Connecticut, and to serve as the voice of its members in matters of their common interest. CBA also works to encourage and facilitate the interchange of information and ideas among its members through meetings and the development of educational programs and providing cost-effective services.

New York Mortgage Bankers Association (NYMBA). The New York Mortgage Bankers Association is a statewide organization devoted exclusively to the field of real estate finance.  NYMBA’s rapidly growing membership comprises of both bank and non-bank mortgage lenders and servicers, as well as a wide variety of mortgage industry-related firms. The association was formed to encourage its members to engage only in sound and ethical business practices, and to inform its members of changes in the laws and regulations affecting the mortgage business.

Central New York Mortgage Bankers Association (CNYMBA). CNYMBA is the Central New York branch of the national Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA). It’s mission is to represent the industry and help ensure the continued strength of the nation’s residential and commercial real estate markets; expansion of homeownership, and the extension of access to affordable housing to all Americans.


  • “Board Member”

New York Credit Union Association (NYCUA). As the trade association for New York credit unions, NYCUA is committed to advancing the credit union movement by advocating, educating and unifying the interests of all credit unions statewide.

MBREA. MBREA, The Association for Valuation Professionals, has proudly served real estate valuation professionals since 1934. Their mission is to support, promote and encourage the highest level of professionalism and ethical appraisal standards, through education and communication, and to represent the interests of our members.

Maine Association of Mortgage Professionals (MAMP). MAMP is recognized as a leader in the mortgage industry by providing its members with the latest updates taking place in both Washington DC and Augusta that have an impact on the industry.  The association is comprised of professionals from banks, credit unions, independent mortgage firms and affiliate members from organizations that serve the mortgage industry.   They are committed to mortgage banking ethics and standards.

Mortgage Bankers Association of South Florida. The goal of the Mortgage Bankers Association of South Florida is to be a visible professional association which creates value for its members though education, legislative representation, networking and communication in an exciting environment, while promoting the highest levels of ethical standards.

Mortgage Bankers Association of Southwest Florida. As we celebrate our 28th year, we have committed to bringing back the pride in, and respect for, our industry through education, ethics and the improvement of the mortgage banking industry in Florida.

Gulf Coast Mortgage Bankers Association. The strategic intent of the Mortgage Bankers Association of Florida is to be a visible professional association which creates value for its members through education, legislative representation, networking and communication in an exciting environment, while promoting the highest of ethical standards.


  • “Board Member”
Florida Association of Mortgage Professionals Logo

Florida Association of Mortgage Professionals. The Florida Association of Mortgage Professionals’ mission is to advance the mortgage profession through advocacy, education and ethical practice.